Open Houses

Tips and Advice for Buyers while Attending an Open House

If you're a buyer attending an open house in the Triangle area, here are some tips and advice to keep in mind:

Dress comfortably: Wear comfortable shoes and clothes that allow you to move around and explore the space.

Bring a notepad and pen: Take notes on what you like and don't like about the property, as well as any questions you may have for the agent.

Be on time: Try to arrive at the open house early so you have plenty of time to explore the property and ask the agent any questions you may have.

Respect the property: Treat the property with respect and avoid touching or moving any items unless given permission by the agent.

Ask questions: Don't be afraid to ask the agent any questions you may have about the property, the neighborhood, or the buying process.

Check the neighborhood: Take a walk around the neighborhood to get a sense of the area and the community.

Take photos: Take photos of the property to help you remember what you liked and didn't like about the space.

Follow up: If you're interested in the property, follow up with the agent after the open house to schedule a viewing or ask any additional questions.

By following these tips and advice, you can make the most of your open house experience and gather valuable information to help you make an informed decision on your home buying journey.

Open House Listings

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