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Increased exposure:

Coming soon listings allow sellers to generate interest in their property before it officially hits the market. This can increase exposure and attract more potential buyers. NOTE: Coming soon status now counts towrds days on market

Competitive advantage:

Coming soon listings can give sellers a competitive advantage in a hot real estate market. By generating interest before the property is listed, sellers may be able to attract multiple offers and sell the property quickly.

Buyers may benefit from coming soon listings as they can get a sneak peek at properties before they are available to the general public. This can give buyers a head start in a competitive market and increase their chances of securing the property they want.


Coming soon listings can offer flexibility for both buyers and sellers. Sellers can use the pre-listing period to make any necessary repairs or upgrades to the property, while buyers can take their time to prepare financially and emotionally for the buying process.

Less disruption:

Coming soon listings can reduce disruption to sellers by limiting the number of showings and allowing them to prepare the property for the market at their own pace. This can be especially beneficial for sellers who have busy schedules or other commitments.

Overall, coming soon listings can be an effective way for sellers to generate interest in their property before it officially hits the market and provide buyers with a competitive advantage. However, it's important to note that coming soon listings in the TMLS count as days on market once activated so the advantages to the seller is not like it once was when they could put on market for 30 days without days on market penalty.

Coming Soon listings for Real Estate can offer several advantages for both buyers and sellers, including:

Coming Soon Listings

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